The Saint John Vianney Center shepherds our brothers and sisters in church ministry to be healthy in mind, body and spirit. We bridge deep tradition with best practices in a spirit of faith, integrity and respect for all.


SJVC adds new ADA friendly bathroom
ADA friendly bathroom installed in high traffic corridor to accommodate the needs of residents.
Group Therapy Room Gets a Face Lift
SJVC renovates group therapy room for improved therapeutic environment.
SJVC Attends Anglophone Conference
Dr. James Coupe and Fr. James Flavin were invited to participate in the Anglophone Conference in Rome on behalf of the Saint John Vianney Center.
Year of Consecrated Life Celebrations
The Saint John Vianney Center will host an inspiring and celebratory program for the Year of Consecrated Life.


Are you Resilient? When a particularly stressful event takes place...let’s say a colleague, a parishioner, or worse a superior blows up at you and delivers a series of subtle or not so subtle verbal insults. What do you do?