Saint John Vianney Center’s education and wellness programs provide enrichment and knowledge that can help prevent health risks and difficulties in ministry, and help one live a healthy and vibrant life. Programs are done at your site or virtually on a secure network for leadership, presbyterates, communities, national assemblies, chapters, healthy parish life, and more.

Our education and wellness programs provide learning experiences for our clients. First, we listen to understand your needs and gain a thorough understanding of what you would like to accomplish.

Our experienced speakers include clinicians, priests, women religious, men religious, and educators, all selected for their warm and engaging styles, as well as their expertise. Depending on your needs and preference we will come to your site or provide a virtual program on a secure platform.

Our content is drawn from a current, empirical knowledge base of research from the social sciences and designed through the lens of the Catholic faith.

Our goal is always prevention, and to increase awareness of how to live a healthy, happy, and holy life. We believe that information will fuel transformation, and that those we serve will be impacted and nourished.

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