Saint John Vianney Center Services

The Saint John Vianney Center provides a residential health and wellness program for stabilization and treatment for Clergy and Religious with behavioral health and emotional problems, co-occurring disorders and compulsive behaviors, weight management issues, and challenged spiritual wellness.

The Outpatient Program of Saint John Vianney Center has played and continues to play a vital role in its overall mission to care for those individuals who devote their lives to the mission of the Church. This includes clergy, deacons and spouses, members of religious institutes, individuals entering into a formation program, those facing aging issues, as well as ministers of other denominations.

Saint John Vianney Center’s Consultation, Education and Outreach Department offers consultation services to support leadership of religious orders and communities and dioceses in managing and resolving difficult situations which may arise with religious and clergy in community and parish life. These difficulties can have their origin in mental health problems, addiction or compulsive disorders, difficult personalities or personality conflict. The issues may affect the person’s ability to minister effectively and their interaction with peers and leadership and the people of God.

The Education department provides learning experiences for all our clients. First, and foremost we schedule a phone call with Dr. Mariette Danilo, Director of Education to listen and better understand your needs and concerns, and to gain a thorough understanding of attendees so that we may meet your needs.