Talking with someone who is going through tough times

One in four adults experience mental health issues, and the highest rate of depression is among men ages 40-59. On average, 87 men each day take their life by suicide in the U.S. Symptoms of depression include irritability, hopelessness, aggression, drinking or substance abuse, and isolation from friends and family. A contributing factor is that men who face mental health issues tend to “tough it out” and struggle alone. Prevention includes maintaining healthy relationships, talking to someone, and seeing a doctor if symptoms persist.

When talking to someone who’s going through tough times, it’s hard to know what to say or do. This tip, called the ALEC, may help:

ASK: Ask how they are and what’s been happening lately.

LISTEN: Listen and give them your full attention.

ENCOURAGE ACTION: Encourage them to take action toward feeling better.

CHECK IN: Check in with them regularly after your chat.

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