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Saint John Vianney Center Launches Holistic Recovery Program

Over the past year, Saint John Vianney Center embarked on an exciting journey to refresh our approach for integrated treatment for clergy and religious who experience addiction and mental health challenges.  The Holistic Recovery Program is an aptly titled description of our updated model for guiding our brothers and sisters who face these unique obstacles.  The program emphasizes research-based strategies for recovery while remaining steadfast to our most valuable asset, our Catholic faith. Our professional staff continues to offer an unmatched level of dignity and compassion as we journey with those under our care.

Building on the foundation and success of our holistic approach – mind, body, and spirit, and the most important lessons from our years of experience, this streamlined and refreshed program offers a clear guide to recovery.  We directly address alcohol and substance addictions as well as the aperture of behaviors that are considered addictive for those who must navigate through temptations ubiquitous to the internet and social media.

Saint John Vianney Center’s Holistic Recovery Program is formulated to help clergy and religious in various stages of recovery, whether someone is just beginning their treatment journey, needing a solid foundation for lifelong sobriety, or is struggling to remain sober following a previous treatment engagement. Our approach is designed to equip our brothers and sisters with the skills to successfully return to effective ministry with a foundation of sobriety.

For more information contact us at 888.993.8885 or at [email protected].

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