Stress is a normal and often a productive occurrence in life, yet stress can be an obstruction to leading a healthy life. “If we manage stress well, it can lead to increased productivity, more energy and creativity as well as happiness,” says Sr. Mercedes McCann of Saint John Vianney Center. “However, when we have too much stress in our lives and it gets to the point where we can no longer manage it, it can manifest itself in various ways which we might not characterize as stress related including ennui or lack of interest in life, constant fatigue, and irritability. Eventually these can morph into depression.”

In Sr. Mercedes’ article she explains that Kurt Lewin, a noted mid-century psychologist, compared stress to a rubber band. A rubber band lying on the table is relatively useless. When it is used to bind together an object or several objects, it is very helpful. If there are too many objects in the bundle, the rubber band is stretched beyond its capability and eventually will snap. It is the same with stress – a little bit is useful to get things done, but too much will break the individual.

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