SJVC Celebrates Nurses Day and Hospital Week 2021

The Saint John Vianney Center celebrated Nurse’s Day and Hospital Week this month.  It included blessing of the hands by Chaplain Fr. Dave Brzoska in addition to a museum the nurses set up to highlight their capping ceremonies (when they first graduated from nursing school) and their reason for choosing the nursing profession.

The Saint John Vianney Center Nursing Department is comprised of Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Behavioral Health Technicians who provide 24/7 on-site nursing care. The Nursing staff comes from diverse clinical settings bringing experience ranging from behavioral health, addictions and medical nursing, making care possible for patients with a wide array of co-morbid conditions. The nurses are part of the treatment team and function collaboratively with other team members providing holistic care to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

View this video for more information on our nursing services:

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