James MacFayden, M.D.

James MacFayden

James MacFadyen, M.D. is a Board Certified Psychiatrist who serves as Medical Director of the Saint John Vianney Center. Dr. MacFadyen has over thirty-five years of psychiatric experience and twenty years’ experience working with Clergy and Religious at the Saint John Vianney Center. His interests in residential milieu treatment and in intensive psychotherapy are well suited to the work of the residential treatment programs at the Center.

Dr. MacFadyen graduated from Hahnemann Medical College (now Drexel University College of Medicine). He pursued residency training in general psychiatry and a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry at Hahnemann Medical College and Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute. He is a graduate of the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia with specialized postgraduate training in psychotherapy.

Dr. MacFadyen also maintains a private practice for adolescents and adults in West Chester, PA.