Barbara Eckert

Barbara Eckert

Barbara Eckert serves as a professional consultant with the Saint John Vianney Center providing leadership workshops across the country.

Barbara Eckert has ministered with various apostolates of the Catholic Church for over 28 years and led bishops, priests and the laity in over 60 dioceses in the US and Canada.  She has an MA in Pastoral Studies from Seattle University, where she was on the board of the Summer Institute for Liturgy and Worship.

She focuses on bringing individuals to a greater awareness of personal leadership style and, through skill building and coaching, increased effectiveness and enjoyment with individuals, teams, parishes and diocesan-level ministry.

Her joy as a Catholic led her to embrace the role of “missionary disciple.” She has led clergy and the laity to a deeper articulation of God’s personal journey with each of the baptized.  Her ministry often brings her to groups of multi-cultural diversity and the richness of the many-faceted expressions and experiences of the faithful.

Her vast experience leading cohorts of priests through the Catholic Leadership Institute was the basis for “Roman Catholic Ordained Leadership” published in Religious Leadership: A Reference Handbook (SAGE Publishing, 2013). She is a presenter for Villanova University’s Church Management Certificate Webinar Series.