Saint John Vianney Center Consultation Services

Saint John Vianney Center’s Consultation, Education and Outreach Department offers services to support leadership of religious orders and communities and dioceses in managing and resolving difficult situations which may arise with religious and clergy in community and parish life. These difficulties can have their origin in mental health problems, addiction or compulsive disorders, difficult personalities, or personality conflict. The issues may affect the person’s ability to minister effectively and their interaction with peers and leadership and the people of God. Consultation is offered in several forms:

  • Face to face consultation at your location
  • Phone consultation at any time seven days a week
  • On site trainings for Vicars for Clergy, Vicars General, Superiors, Provincials, and other leadership in all areas that the position demands
  • Conflict resolution for communities
  • Mediation
  • Intervention facilitation on site or remotely
  • Resources and support for diocesan and religious leadership
  • Vicar for Clergy Conferences (open to all clergy who work with clergy personnel)
  • Alumni programs

Our consultation staff ministers to dioceses and religious orders and communities throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe either on site or by phone, listening and responding to the needs of leadership. Please let us know how we can help.

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