• Stop compulsive/addictive behaviors immediately and seek professional help
  • Reach out to others: Diocese or Community, therapist, spiritual director, support team, accountability person, sponsor (if applicable)
  • Go to 12-step meetings and obtain a sponsor
  • Begin psychotherapy with a qualified therapist with addiction expertise. Develop a relapse prevention plan including psychological, social, physical, and spiritual strategies.
  • As part of the relapse prevention plan, organize a Support Team of 3 to 5 members to meet with on a monthly basis to review recovery progress. The Support Team is intended to offer support by helping the recovering person stay on track with their wellness goals – going to 12-step meetings, seeing a therapist, managing stress, keeping up with self-care behaviors, etc.
  • Regular spiritual direction
  • Join a support group if available
  • Limit exposure and temptation to pornography. This could entail limiting use of a computer and disabling smartphone capabilities
  • Obtain and utilize an ‘accountability partner’. This is an individual one empowers and entrusts to ensure one is following a recovery plan. This individual will have access to all devices to check for usage and potential lapses. The accountability partner could be a member of the Support Team.
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