The Saint John Vianney Center welcomes Father Bill Faiella, CSC, Psy.D. as the speaker for our Alumni Gathering January 27-29, 2020 at the Franciscan Renewal Center

Fr. Bill will use Scripture, stories (personal and otherwise), poetry, mantras, and music to provide four talks and facilitate discussions on Inner Healing.  Topics will include:

  • A discussion of inner healing – getting to a space of gratefulness and peace even though experiencing physical, emotional, and spiritual crosses.
  • Dealing with afflictive feelings (fear, shame, guilt, anger, resentment, etc.)
  • Prayer and meditation, including a short experience of Body/Breath Prayer-which is an integration of centering prayer and an Anthony De Mello, S. J. exercise.

Fr. Bill Faiella, CSC, Psy. D. is a priest of Holy Cross with advanced degrees in education, theology, pastoral counseling, and psychology.  His ministerial and professional experiences include teaching, school administration, work with juvenile offenders, parish work, retreats, counseling, and spiritual direction.  He currently directs St. Andre Inner Healing Ministry in Phoenix, Arizona.  He likes to cook and bake especially foods of the Italian culture.  He published the book Sharing Meals Heals (Authorhouse, 2004; revised, Amor Deus Publishing 2016) which is a compilation of short spiritual reflections and food recipes.

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