Brother Stephen Olert, FSC, MS

Steve Olert

Brother Stephen Olert, FSC, MS, serves as a professional consultant with the Saint John Vianney Center providing religious workshops for Clergy and Religious across the country.

Brother Stephen Olert received his MS degree from Syracuse University. He is trained in both pastoral counseling and spiritual direction from the Spiritual Direction Training Program with the Archdiocese of New York; and a post-Master’s Certificate in Spiritual Direction from Iona College. The supervision in spiritual direction focused on compulsive/addictive behaviors for Men Religious and Clergy. Brother Stephen received training from Dr. Patrick Carnes in counseling the sex addict. He has also attended the Fostering Psychosexual Integration Program for Formation Personnel sponsored by the St. Luke Institute. Brother Stephen has a Professional Certificate in Gerontology from the Johnson Institute of Gerontology and a Certificate in Geriatric Spiritual Care from the Avila Institute of Gerontology.

The National Assembly of Religious Brothers (now known as Religious Brothers Conference) awarded Br. Stephen with a “Call to Brotherhood Award” with the recognition: “A Brother who stands with the powerless, the dispossessed, the broken, and the alienated. By his very presence, he brings life, hope and rebirth.”

Brother Olert is presently the Director of the Office of Senior Brothers for the District of Eastern North America. Since June 2006, Br. Stephen has been a member of the National Advisory Council for the Saint John Vianney Center.

Brother Olert is a De La Salle Christian Brother of the District (Province) of Eastern North America.