Ronald Karney, Ph.D.

Ron Karney

Dr. Karney is a licensed psychologist with over 40 years of experience, of which 30 years have in service to clergy and religious.

He has specific expertise in the psychological assessment of seminarians, religious community candidates, permanent diaconate candidates, and lay ministry candidates. In addition, Dr. Karney provides individual psychotherapy and counseling services to clergy, religious, permanent deacons, seminarians, and novices in religious formational programs.

Dr. Karney has a long history of service to the mission of Saint John Vianney Center. He has served as the inpatient clinical director as well as the director of the outpatient program. He now continues to serve as a licensed psychologist for assessments and outpatient clients.

Dr. Karney obtained his undergraduate degree from Seton Hall University and his master and doctoral degrees from the University of Memphis. He interned at Norristown State Hospital and has experience in a variety of treatment settings including acute and long term psychiatric facilities, general medical hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, outpatient settings, and private practice.