Mariette Danilo, Ph.D.

Mariette Danilo

Dr. Mariette Danilo serves as the Director of Education for the Saint John Vianney Center. Mariette designs educational experiences and oversees the program implementation process for the Consultation, Education and Outreach Department, utilizing a scientific knowledge base that is always, first and foremost, presented through the lens of Faith.

Mariette Danilo received a Ph.D., M.Phil., and MA. in Psychology from Columbia University. Her undergraduate work and B.A. in Psychology was completed at SUNY at Stony Brook. A former academic, she taught graduate courses in psychology and education. As a researcher in the Institute for Health Behavior Research at the Cornell University Medical College-New York Hospital Center, she conducted research that provided the basis for substance abuse prevention programs. She has lectured extensively on topics in Wellness, Health Psychology and Risk Behavior. Mariette’s work has focused on the cognitive, emotional, and psychosocial variables involved in the development and prediction of risk taking and health compromising behaviors.

Dr. Danilo has extensive experience in program development, incorporates a current complex, evidence-based, and comprehensive knowledge base into easy to do practical programs that can transform lives, organizations, and whole communities.