Our Ministry

Our Catholic Identity
The Saint John Vianney Center provides a holistic, inter-disciplinary, evidence-based approach using best practices in the treatment of behavioral health and addictive diseases for Catholic Clergy, Men and Women Religious and other Christian denominations. Our approach begins from Christ's healing presence and integrates collaborative treatment of mind, body and spirit with each person’s vocational journey.

The Vianney Difference
The Saint John Vianney Center follows the example of our patron Saint John Vianney who exemplified listening first. To listen is to walk and companion with another person in their journey with the Lord. We listen to each person's story and value each person’s personal and spiritual gifts to facilitate self-directed rediscovery of the Lord's presence and understanding. Much like the Gospel stories of the disciples on the road to Emmaus after leaving Jerusalem, life’s journey can be filled with having been witness to much suffering, broken hopes and dreams. We strive to be as the Lord is to each of us; companions along the journey.

The Saint John Vianney Center is built upon reverence. Our treatment team and staff honor and respect the dignity of every person. We never judge, but understand with compassion.

Our long tradition of excellence in healing, recovery, and reconciliation interwoven with faith and hope are the hallmarks that differentiate us from others in the field. We address the multi-dimensional nature of the healing process and help each individual to function at their highest level and continue in vocational life.

Just like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, we walk that road with our brothers and sisters and we strive to bring the hope and joy of the Risen Jesus Christ to His disciples.

This is our hope.
This is healing.
This is recovery and reconciliation.