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cheap prada Attention to handbag enthusiasts to provide consult website Purseblog published an article in the forum. Titles include "prada handbags: clearly is made in China, it marked the price of made in Italy", "goodbye Prada! They think the quality of the brand has been much better than the former, while the other update the tide of handbags to give the brand a greater blow. Fifth Avenue in New York is consumer favorite shopping place, with customers to shop talk, easily can be collected most can move their brand name: classic brand like Goyard and c e line, Xin Xing Jie take brand such as Proenza Schouler and Alexander Wang. But when the branded consumer, apparently Prada has been untraceable. prada handbags outlet

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prada bags outlet Meanwhile, the 2015 fiscal year (as of January 31, 2015) financial report, since four years ago, since the listing of Hongkong, the group's first decline in net profit, after the listing of the worst transcripts. The reason for the financial report to decline in the Asia Pacific region is attributed to the important market in China, Hong Kong and Macao are political factors ". In fact, this weakness and lack of innovation and brand, brand to enter the period of weakness. prada wallets outlet

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prada online store Hongkong listed in the era of leather is one of the. Compared to some of the European luxury brands, Prada in China was cottage risk may be greater. They work closely with some of the factories in China, and manufacturers are more likely to be close to production.. In addition to fake goods, Prada also encountered a lot of trouble in social media, the most complained of product quality. Someone joked, if your prada handbags and sunglasses with a long time is not bad, it is very likely to is a fake, because genuine probably has broken or damaged. prada shoes for men